How sweet is sugar in Australia?


In 2006, American entrepreneur Brandon Wade commodified loneliness by launching The idea has given a new perspective to the erstwhile "out-of-marriage" or "out-of-boredom" relationships.

Put, it is an arrangement where successful and affluent elderly/middle-age men, date attractive young girls, in-return of pre-agreed fixed allowance. In addition to the handsome allowances, sugar daddies often always shower their sugar babies with pampering gifts. It does sound like a pay-for-play arrangement, but it is certainly more than that!

The allowance offered to sugar babies depends on various factors, including but not exhaustively city, affluence of sugar daddy, personality and course attractiveness of sugar baby, extra value-added services, exclusivity, etc. Is there an available direct formula to calculate allowance? NO! Can there be one? NO!

Sugaring is a business of experience and has more intangible value as compared to a static commodity purchase, such as buying a piece of land. It is a business of extending your care and presence to an affluent needy, and not only limiting to cardinal pleasure! A sugar daddy is seeking someone who can fill his lonely times, and that someone is usually younger and attractive.

How do we value loneliness?


Australia stands fourth after Canada, US, and the UK in sugar daddy business. As per the latest stats shared by Seeking Arrangement, the leading sugar daddy website of Australia, it has 193,000 registered users. According to the site, about one in 114 people in Australia are signed up with the website. Further, this website boasts of a healthy sugar daddy to sugar baby ratio of 1:4, that's four ultra-attractive and young girls for one affluent and successful lonely man. That's fierce competition for sugar babies!

Competition drives the price, that's age-old wisdom. As per available data, on average, a sugar baby makes about $3000 per month. The allowance goes as low as $1000 per month and has been reported to be higher than $10,000 a month. What explains this variation?


Like any other business, seeking arrangement also depends mostly on the town of seeking. According to a chart published by Seeking Arrangement, sugar babies in Miami are cracking as high as $6166 a month, while their counterparts in Cleveland are limited to $4620!

The city of business does matter!

Drawing a parallel to Australia, a sugar baby in Melbourne is likely to make 1.3-1.5 times more allowance than her counterpart in the Gold coast!

A large percentage of sugar babies opt for seeking arrangements kind of platform for paying their education, living, and other essential bills. With the rising cost of living from city to city, the allowance follows the trend. An average allowance of $3000 a month is a standard industry practice.

Australia is the 18th most expensive country in the world!


As per Seeking Arrangement Founder and CEO Brandon Wade, an average American Sugar Daddy has now gone younger at 39, makes $275,301 annually and spends $5100 per month on his sugar baby.

Similar profiling in Australia suggests that an Average Australian makes $157,297 annually and is likely to spend somewhere between $3000-$3500 per month on his sugar baby.

Single men are the often obvious choice for sugar babies, because of lesser liabilities these successful and rich men have. More so, with the youth joining sugar daddy chorus, adds extravagance to the game.

Younger sugar daddies are more generous!


Sugar babies share happiness with their sugar daddies, and happiness is difficult to price, bringing that "little more" in seeking relationships.

Sugar babies are generally in the age range 21- 26; when you are young and attractive, you have expenses. For sharing happiness, she wants her share of happiness too!

A rich an affluent sugar daddy takes care of this "little more" by showering his baby with expensive gifts and some extra tips if he feels generous. recounts an experience of a sugar baby;

The third date was a first-class trip to the Bahamas — Sun, sand, and shopping. Got a brand-new iPad for the trip, a $700 bikini, and each meal was gourmet with a $300 bottle of wine. After a month and a half, he was looking at renting me a car and an apartment in the most expensive neighborhood in Toronto, while we flew to his condo in Florida every two weeks in the winter.

The sugar dating business is about the need and "little more."


Many sugar babies have claimed that they make $10,000 or more a month. But this "extra" comes at a price; they have to offer more!

One of the most expensive demand some of the sugar daddies make is exclusivity.

Yet a good percentage of daddies want the babies on offshore tours.

Of course, sex is on the menu, some say

For a lucky sugar baby allowance has no limits.

fathom fate of Tanya Wade!

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