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Tips on How to Write "About Me" Part When Creating Your Seeking Arrangement Australia Profile

You know what makes a Sugar Baby Profile go from "oh, okay" to "wow, impressive!"? It's the "About Me" Part on the Seeking Arrangement Profile .

If you know how to write a dating profile, how to introduce yourself to attract others, then that's half the job done.

Talk about yourself in terms of how you want a rich and handsome Sugar Daddy to visualize you. Talk about your life, hobbies, skills and interests, anything that would make you relatable to the Sugar Daddy from Australia.

Follow the tips given here on how to write the perfect "About Me" for your sugar baby profile…

#1: Choose the right username.

The first thing any Sugar Daddy would notice about your profile is your picture, and then your username. Only then they read what you've written in the "About Me" space.

We are assuming you've chosen the right picture. Next, be creative with the username – something cute, but not too cheesy. You should come across as someone who is smart and self-aware.

#2: Write an attractive description.

Every Sugar Dating website will have an "About Me" section. This is where you reveal who you are; what you are like and what you want out of the relationship. This is the first impression you will have any prospective suitors, so you can see why it is so important that you should get this perfect.

Here’s how to do it…

Try to sound intelligent without coming across as desperate. Your sentences must be grammatically correct. Don't write anything nonsensical such as "I'm a SEXY CHIC, I Kick-Ass, If ya want me, come get me!" That's just stupid.

Try something clever instead, like, "I'm a 21-year old college student, single and looking for someone handsome and mature, who makes me blush and wish I'd met them sooner!"

Get what we are trying to say here? You should come across as professional and serious and playful and young, all at the same time.

#3: Hire a professional copywriter if you need to.

If you find it hard to write a compelling About Me yourself, don't hesitate to hire a professional copywriter to do it for you. Sugar Daddies are usually rich and sophisticated men who got wealthy from working hard and excelling in their careers.

What they don't like is shoddiness or laziness of any sort, such as a profile description with just one or two lines.

Let's say: "Hi, I'm Tina and I'm 22 years old. If you want to know more about me, send me a message!"

That’s it?

You have to say more. That's not good enough.

#4: Don't do things that put people off.

Never use words like "I'm a princess and want to be spoiled by my Sugar Daddy." Don't exaggerate and say, "I'm the sexiest/prettiest girl in the world." That's stupid.

Also, don't put yourself down, or use self-deprecatory humor. Be specific about what you want to say, but never write anything that creates a bad impression. Be clever and alluring, but don't try to be too smart. Don't be too demanding.

#5: List your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests.

List the things you like in life and also those you dislike, each with a quick 1-line description. List your hobbies and interests and be very specific here. No reason to be detailed. Mention your favorite food, restaurant, and movies – that's always a safe choice.

#6: Talk about your values.

What are your views on sugar dating? What sort of relationship are you looking for? What are your expectations out of such a relationship? Are there places you would like to go to and those you want to avoid? Are you okay with dating a smoker or drinker? Are you a religious person? Be honest about who you are – that is always appreciated.


End with a great call to action. Invite the Sugar Daddy to send you a message. Be flirtatious but not overly sexy. Good luck!

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