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Why Seeking Arrangement in Gold Coast

Did you know Gold Coast is a virtual paradise when it comes to Seeking Arrangements?

It’s true – Gold Coast is one of the richest places in Australia and a playground for the super-rich of the world. In many ways, Gold Coast is the French Riviera of Australia, with one of the highest standards of living you will find anywhere.

For a sugar baby, or someone seeking arrangement Gold Coast, this is a target-rich area. You cannot believe the amazing opportunities on offer here. There’s nothing like the Gold Coast in Australia if it is your goal to find rich and successful sugar daddies.

Gold Coast probably has more millionaires (HNWIs) per 1,000 people than any other city in Australia. That is a big part of its appeal.


Sugar daddies may be on the hunt in Gold Coast, but they are also anxious about the number of hookers, prostitutes or escorts that are everywhere in the region – trying to hook a prospective benefactor.

Seeking Arrangements have nothing to do with such shady characters. Sugar babies, let us be clear here, are not prostitutes, escorts, or hookers. They are young ladies from perfect family backgrounds. Most of them are well educated modern young women, including many college students.

Regardless, if you’re worried about whether the sugar babies are legit or not; or whether the sugar daddies are for real and not fake, then read the rest of this article.

There are many websites based on the concept of Seeking Arrangement Gold Coast. Some of them are legit, and others are not.

This website is 100% legit. We have a team of moderators that check and re-check every sugar baby and sugar daddy Gold Coast profile on our site. We ask for address proofs, and ID proofs – such as government-approved IDs – to make sure that anyone who signs up with us are what they say they are.

For example, just by looking at the zip code, we can tell if the person is a real sugar daddy or a fake one. We have other ways of identifying fake sugar daddies, and when we do, we chuck them out immediately.

Similarly, when it comes to sugar babies, we encourage college students to sign up on our site and set up profiles here. We have excellent relationships with most of the universities across Australia. We have tens of thousands of college students signing up and do everything possible to watch out for their interests and protect them.

We take pride in our strict verification system and the fact that we do not allow any hookers, prostitutes or escorts to establish a presence here.

Our moderators carry out a detailed background check and verify that everything a sugar baby has written on their profile – whether it’s their age, residence, and college/employment status are true or not.

We have ways of identifying hookers or prostitutes who sign up pretending to be sugar babies. We weed them out immediately and blacklist them so that they can never get back into this platform.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

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