7 Important Seeking Arrangements Tips for Sugar Babies New to Sugar Daddy Dating

If you’re a sugar baby, you may be wondering if you need to set up a profile on a sugar daddy website, below are some practical seeking arrangements tips for newbies who are new to seeking arrangements dating world. Now check the below list and find out what is out there for you.

Pick up Wade’s Book

SeekingArrangement founder Brandon Wade wrote a book about the site – Seeking Arrangements: The Definitive Guide to Seeking Arrangements Dating and Mutually Beneficial Relationships. The book provides some background info on the website as well as information about what sugar daddies are searching for from sugar babies.

For the moment, you can find the book online – it’s only in paperback format. And, if you don’t want to purchase his book, there are tons of news stories and sugar baby-made YouTube videos for you to check out.

Forgo Thoughts of Money Initially

When you first sign up for a sugar daddy site, don’t think about the money. That comes with time. Instead, focus on want kind of sugar daddy you want. After all, sugar daddies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with various careers and availability. After a few sugar daddy dates, you’ll have some idea of what you want and can go from there.

Money just confuses things, so it’s better to figure things out initially and get some experience before you throw the anxiety in.

Don’t Be Negotiable With Your Lifestyle

Believe it or not, you – not the sugar daddy – are in control of your seeking arrangements lifestyle. Be sure you state what you want, so there are no misunderstandings. Be sure to have a practical idea of what your lifestyle budgets it, as this will set the expectations from the beginning.

If you’re negotiable with your dating, you’re going to be putting in a lot more work in determining the finances with potential sugar daddies.

That doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate with them later about things later on, but for the beginning, you don’t want him to have any misconceptions about what you’re after. State your budget and go from there.

When negotiating, which should be done in due time, don’t just tell them the number you’d be happy with. Instead, ask the sugar daddy what they tend to give out. When they do, you can consider if it’s enough or if you need a bit more.

Play On Your Differences

You should have a fairly good idea what the background of a sugar baby is like and how this kind of seeking arrangements relationship can go. Now, you need to come up with ways you can be different and stand out positively. How can you capture a sugar daddy’s attention that ensures that what you bring to a relationship is something he’d want?

If you go through the different sugar baby profiles, you’ll notice a lot of them wearing makeup. If you’re not a fan of makeup (and some women are not), then consider forgoing makeup just to fit in with the crowd. Many sugar daddies love the natural look instead of made-up doll faces. Any potential sugar daddy will see you as the girl next door rather than some piece of arm candy.

Develop a Unique Sugar Baby Persona

When you first begin as a sugar baby, it’s not a bad idea to use a fake name and career. Think of it as your alter ego. Even with some harmless information, wealthy, successful men have resources to learn more about you.

For example, you may tell him little truths in the rest of the bit, and they could find you through social media. Once you’ve known your sugar daddy for a while, then you can share with them the more personal information about your life. Until then, not even.

Go With Premium and Diamond Members

These members will pay more to use the sugar dating service, which means they are more experienced and serious about the sugar dating concept. Their income and background are typically verified, so you’re unlikely to come into contact with a sugar daddy that isn’t who he claims to be.

Be Cautious When Dating

While you may never have trouble with a sugar daddy, you should still not leave your guard down. Trust takes time, so don’t believe everything a sugar daddy tells you. You want to be open with him, but if you feel pushed at any point during the relationship, it may be time to walk away. If a sugar daddy asks you to go away, it should be after months of dating, not right away.

Again, use false information until you learn more about each other. When having sex use protection. It does not matter if he claims to be in a monogamous relationship and has given you a clean bill of health from an STD test. He may have other sugar babies on the side beside you. Better safe than sorry.

The idea is to enjoy the good times with your sugar daddy. If you’re not comfortable with the relationship, no amount of money is going to help improve it. You can always find another sugar daddy to date.

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