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Seeking Arrangement Stories in Australia

Everyone has their own Seeking Arrangement Stories….

Here in Australia, we have lots of young women – especially college students – trying out Seeking Arrangements .

And why not – the Australian society does not suffer from the same sort of hypocritical attitude to life as some of the other countries. We know what men want – the companionship of young and beautiful women.

Nothing wrong with that, it's just the way men are biologically wired. So, even older, mature men, those who have achieved great success and wealth over many, many decades of hard work, want only one thing – the companionship of a pretty young lady.

That is why Seeking Arrangements type relationships are so popular here in Australia.

But we want to hear from the perspective of sugar babies – usually young, college-educated women. What drives them into the Sugar Bowl?

Simple – with college education costing an average of $30,000 in Australia, these young women have to be enterprising and try out different options. One of that is signing up for sites such Seeking Arrangement.

Here are their Seeking Arrangement Stories.

Stephanie (name changed on request) is a 19-year-old college student from Macquarie University. She signed up for Seeking Arrangement on a lark but has since stayed on.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Stephanie said, "I'm seeing a guy at the moment, we hang out and have a perfect connection, we get along very well, it's more like a relationship type thing."

"Commercially it helps me out. I don't know about other girls, but for myself, I put it away for other things that I need. I also work part-time, so it helps me put money aside as I'm going through HECS," she adds.

As a matter of fact, sites such as Seeking Arrangement have been covered widely by the Australian media. spoke to many young women and asked about their Seeking Arrangement Stories.

One such young woman is Jayindi Jade, a pretty 24-year-old from Sydney . Jayanti has so far been out with five older men, who she met through Seeking Arrangements. At the time of the report, she was hanging out with a wealthy, handsome 48-year man who runs many hotels, bars, and clubs in New South Wales.

Jayindi says, "I've been on regular dating sites, and I got a lot of messages from guys, but I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. When someone told me about Seeking Arrangement, I just thought I'd give it a go."

"I feel like you're treated more like you're worthwhile, and they're willing to put in the effort to come and see you. With guys on Tinder, messages can go back and forth, and nothing happens," she adds.

All she does on a date is going out for dinner, have a drink and go on a long walk on a beach with the older guy. It's all perfectly casual, about getting to know each other and without any expectations of sex or anything like that.

Jayindi says, "They will pay for the date if you want to go to a nice place they'll say 'OK.' You can get nice meals at places you generally wouldn't go to because you don't want to pay for it."

"You get to have that experience. If there is something costly that you might want, they might be generous — expensive gifts like make-up and perfume, luxury items and things like that," the young lady reveals.

So what's your Seeking Arrangement story?

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