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Seeking Arrangement Australia Legit or Not – Let’s Find Out

Is seeking arrangements Australia legit? Indeed, that’s the first question everyone asks.

Yes, it is legit, but the legalities of a sugar daddy relationship fall in a gray area. But have no doubt, a Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationship is not the same as prostitution.

To begin with, a sugar daddy relationship is legal and has nothing to do with prostitution as there is no specific agreement that the Sugar Baby would have to provide sexual favors in exchange for gifts or cash.

Sugar Daddies provide their Sugar Babies, usually young women in their 20s with a monthly allowance and gifts. Generally, the monthly allowance varies from $3000 to $5000 a month.

At no stage in the relationship is there an expectation that the Sugar Baby should offer sex in return for the allowance or gifts, or that the relationship has to be sexually consummated.

Don’t get us wrong – quite often a Sugar Daddy Relationship turns sexual, and there is nothing illegal about consensual sex between two adults. But it is not prostitution. There is no exploitation of any sort, and nothing happens that is against the wishes of the sugar baby.

There is no force or compulsion of any sort. Sex is not the primary motivation or consideration in a seeking arrangements Australia relationship. Many Sugar Daddies are looking for a status boost or an ego boost that comes with being seen in the public with a beautiful young woman.

If sex was their primary motivation, they could get that for a lot cheaper by simply visiting a call girl. That is not their expectation at all. If sex was to materialize, that’s well and good, but nothing happens without the consent of the Sugar Baby.

We hope this answers the question is seeking arrangements Australia legal. Yes, sometimes such relationships indeed cross the line. That is why communication is essential, and you should make it very clear to the Sugar Daddy as to what you want and what you’re comfortable with.

Remember – a sugar baby is NOT a call girl or a prostitute. She could be a young college student, a recent graduate, a teacher, lawyer, model or aspiring actress, or just someone with a regular job.

The operative word in a Seeking Arrangements Australia relationship is the term “relationship.”

This is a relationship, and not a transactional contract such as the one between a call girl and a client. What a prostitute or a call girl does is a job. What a Sugar Baby does is not a job – it’s a relationship.

This is a significant difference. Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies have an on-going relationship that is the same as the one between a girlfriend and her boyfriend.

There could be an emotional connection between a beautiful Sugar Baby and the rich and handsome Sugar Daddy: A possibility of a romance like the one between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the movie Pretty Woman, which could lead to a long term commitment or even marriage.

Isn’t that what you want?

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