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5 Key Ways to Detect a Less than Honest Sugar Daddy on Seeking Arrangement Australia

SeekingArrangement Australia dating has grown in immense popularity with more and more sugar dating apps and websites popping up every day. For that reason, more rich, single men and young, beautiful women are signing up in the hopes of having a mutually beneficial relationship. While this is good in a way, there is a drawback, which is that many seekingarrangement Australia websites may have some unpleasant people signed up as well.

When you sign up to be a sugar baby, you want to quickly learn who is and is not a trustworthy sugar daddy. What are some of the signs to be mindful of to ensure you're not scammed and taken advantage of?

Too Good To Be True

Genuine sugar daddies do have your best interest at heart. They're not going to be stingy with their money when giving you an allowance that meets your needs. If your potential sugar daddy claims he will give you a more than decent allowance to email, text, and call you, chances are he's not who he's claiming to be. In fact, he may be trying to scam you.

This is especially worrisome if you have yet to meet your sugar daddy. There are many sugar babies for him to turn to, so the question is, why would a sugar daddy pay for someone he has never met if he can pay someone he's already met a couple of times. The best thing you can do is trust your instincts and listen to what your gut is telling you.

You’re Asked to Open a Chase Liquid Card

When it comes to a liquid card (also known as a reloadable prepaid card), Chase and Wells Fargo have their own variation. A card like this lets a sugar daddy put money on the card without accessing your personal data. For scammers, they may ask for card details that let them deposit money onto the card. The scam works by them sending you a check for a particular amount, but it's a fake.

Once the check is deposited onto the liquid card and with the information you give him about the card, they can withdraw the entire amount from an ATM. Several days will pass before the banks find out the check is fake and comes looking for you to recover the cash. After all, you're the one that signed the back of it, and it's now your responsibility.

These cards are not insurable, which means you have no recourse to get the money back. By this point, the seekingarrangement Australia scammer has moved onto his next victim, and you're left holding the bag, so to speak.

Scammers tend to make up a plethora of sobbing stories to get the most money possible. They want to buy jewelry for a friend, they're throwing an expensive surprise party, or they promise you that you can have some of the money if you do this for them. Never, never deposit checks for a sugar daddy. There are other ways in which to discreetly send money that doesn't involve checks or credit cards.

Asks For Financial Information

Thanks to PayPal, QuickPay and Venmo, there is no reason for a sugar daddy to ask for your bank account. Instead, send them your email address to deposit the money. There is no reason for them to have your social security number, account number or login information. If they ask you for this, be polite but firm and say no. Provide them with another possible payment method. All apps will display information discreetly, showing up as PayPal or Venmo in statements.

Wants You to Buy Gift Cards

Many scammers will ask sugar daddies to buy them a gift card such as iTunes. They will give you any sob story about why they want you to buy the cards with a promise that you'll see a return on the payment. Don't fall for it. What they do is use the barcode and pin to drain the money from the card and stop talking to you. With gift cards, you can't recover the money.

This is one of the biggest scams out there – so be wary of the scam. If there is a need for a gift card, then he can purchase them for himself.

He Wants Nudie Pictures Of You

A polite and genuine sugar daddy is never going to ask for nudie pictures…at least not before he meets you face to face. Sugar daddies are often very considerate and don't pressure sugar babies into something they don't feel comfortable with. If your potential sugar daddy is asking for you to send him nude pictures, walk away.

If you've met your sugar daddy and are comfortable with what he is asking, then you can send them. Fake sugar daddies are seekingarrangement Australia scams that will always look for easy prey to go after. Don't reward them with nude pictures if you're not comfortable with it.

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